According to their official announcement, Google Analytics feature App + Web Properties has entered open beta. You can now combine data from your website and your mobile app into one property.

Google Analytics Launches App and Web Properties

It seems that GA’s move towards event-based tracking is slowly becoming a reality. Analysts, will have to switch to a new measurement schema as efficiently as possible and make sure the change doesn’t wreak havoc in clients’ current reports.

I see this change of the measurement schema as a step towards better data interpretation. The App + Web properties will have a different reporting structure utilising different data visualisation than what you are used to in GA now. Based on screenshots I have seen, those design changes are going to be beneficial. Finding meaning in piles of data will be a bit easier.

Krista Seiden wrote an extensive article about this update. I recommend reading it very attentively.

If you want to get into the weeds, check Google’s official documentation of this feature.

Update 2019/08/05
Simo Ahava has joined the conversation and published a tutorial on getting started with App + Web Properties. I also love his table highlighting differences between Universal Analytics and the new measurement model.