Looking for easyreport.cz?

You've come to the right place.

Well, kind of... Easyreport.cz is dead. It has been for some time, so we decided to erect this virtual cairn of praise in cyberspace to honour this now defunct marvel of data science.

Easyreport.cz once showed great promise. It was supposed to be the Holy Grail of reporting. One could find all the information necessary for making better marketing and business decisions. Good old ER had it all - from simple traffic and revenue data to RFM segmentation.

Unfortunately, with great product features comes a misguided belief that the product will sell itself. Alas, this very misapprehension caused Easyreport's undoing. One day this beautiful holistic dashboarding software ran out of both funding and paying customers.

Rest in Machine God's server farm, you beautiful bastard!

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