Why are we doing it? It's not because the world needs another marketing-related newsletter.

This newsletter doesn't aim to "educate" or "convert" you. It's a resentment prevention device.

Most marketing work is closer to craftsmanship than to artistry. Most specialists are shoddy craftsmen. They get resented by their peers and superiors for that.

Marketers enjoy taking trends as gospel and to sign expensive contracts with ad tech vendors. Sometimes without knowing the value that the said tech will bring to the organisation. They get resented by their management for that.

How to fix this merry-go-round of resentment?

  • Marketing managers need to focus on what matters in marketing, so they have more useful conversations with the rest of their organisation.
  • Specialists need useful information about PPC and analytics, so they become better craftsmen.

That's where this monthly opus magnum comes in.

We don't have the patent on success or on 100% accurate information. Reading this newsletter won't turn you into a better marketer or a specialist overnight. Give it a while, though, and you will see improvement.

We promise is to share information that propelled us forward. No rubbish. OK, maybe an occasional meme...

Give it a spin

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